Dark Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream

My post about this ice cream has been put off because I just don’t know what to say about it. After all, it was ice cream. It is long gone from the freezer, so I can’t taste it again for inspiration.

My memory of the ice cream was that it was just okay, nothing extraordinary. I prefer creamy ice cream, and this was much icier. The recipe came from a website. It’s like an encyclopedia of Italian cuisine. It is on loan to us from my one and only sister. She gave it to me for graduation a few years ago. I am slowly reading through the book for ideas and inspiration. It has thousands of pages literally.

The addition of dark chocolate chunks to the ice cream also made me unhappy. In this coffee ice cream, however, I did not feel like adding dark chocolate chunks. Coffee ice cream is my favorite, and I like it to be smooth and coffee-like. I don’t want the chocolate to interfere with my coffee experience. Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t really like chocolate chunks in my ice cream. I don’t like the hard frozen chocolate pieces. Am I weird for that?

As a result, I won’t give you a recipe because (a) I didn’t like this recipe, and (b) it would constitute copyright infringement or some other sort of legal violation since I would be copying it straight from the book without making any changes.

Instead, I would like you all to leave in the comment area what your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt recipes are. I would really appreciate any ideas you can provide. I think our ice cream machine is feeling neglected because we rarely make ice cream.

She topped her homemade ice cream with homemade hot fudge. (Now, that is my idea of how to add chocolate to ice cream) However, I was displeased with how it totally seized up and froze as soon as it hit the ice cream. Any ideas?

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