A Parisian Style Puff Pastry

Bacon and puff pastry share a lot in common. Adding bacon or puff pastry to the cloth of whatever you are making will automatically make it ten times better. Fact, not opinion. 😛

The flaky, buttery goodness of this tart cannot be overstated. Apples, butter, brown sugar, puff pastry (I added some cinnamon at the end, mainly for color). One little tart was split, and the others were swept from the premises as quickly as possible. Since I have been working out and not being a pig in general lately, I didn’t want these evil temptresses to throw me off my game. However, they were delicious!

It takes him hours to make proper puff pastry that requires multiple turns. The all-butter Dufour puff pastry was the only one I could find since we were fresh out. This cost me $10.49, which is why my tarts are square and not round. Sorry, but I do not want to waste delicious puff pastry to make a circular tart. As much as we liked our husband’s homemade puff pastry, we did not enjoy the Dufour as much. We found the flavor to be better on the homemade due to the salt content and the Straus butter he used. Despite that, this Dufour puff pastry is certainly not a throwaway, and I can’t wait to use it for more tasty treats.

Overall, this recipe is straightforward and delicious, and you can adapt it to pretty much any fruit you like.

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