Ice cream with Honey and Apricots

I present to you Apricot Honey Ice Cream.

I enjoyed this treat. I want to thank Jenny from the Basic Interior for selecting this recipe for this week.

Due to rotten peaches, I used apricots instead of peaches. Having to throw away your main ingredient when you go to make something is always nice. I could even cut through the peach pits!

In the playing around that she provides, she says that nectarines or apricots could also be used. Both of them prefer peaches. Wonderful!

One and a half pounds of apricots cost me about $3.50. I chopped them up and boiled them with honey until soft, then pureed them. I considered just spreading the apricot goodness on various baked goods instead of ice cream.

I mixed this puree with the sugar, egg yolks, milk, and cream mixture.

Rather than reserve any of the apricot bits for later, I opted not to do so. I was not a fan of frozen bits in my ice cream, I didn’t have the whole 2 pounds of fruit called for in the recipe, and I didn’t want to lose any of the apricot flavors.

It was a hit with both my husband and me. The fruity sweetness enhances the creaminess and smoothness without being overpowering. Honey was hard to taste in this, but I am sure it contributed to the perfect sweetness of this ice cream.

We ate the ice cream with pretzels, as you can see. What a great combination!

With some fresh berry sauce, this would be wonderful. Maybe something a little tart to balance the sweetness of the cream. He suggested huckleberries, and Huckleberries are unfamiliar to me.

This recipe is a keeper for sure.

A giant ice cream glass means a hefty serving of ice cream for me!