A New Staple Dish

I’m done with you, Cream of Wheat.

Beautiful Farina Boy with hair I want to wrestle; I am leaving you for another.

Get out of my life, creepy Quaker Oat Guy.

Steel-cut oats are my favorite now.

Simply put, steel-cut oats are the top-notch, first-class, blue-chip boss of the crop. I have been reading a lot about these oats lately on various blogs, and everyone raves about them. (Can you tell that I have been to Thesaurus.com? I’m going to use boss today in a conversation.) They are chewy and nutty, and they’re also healthy.

However, cream of wheat still holds a special place in my heart. Steel-cut oats, though, are delicious. Although they are a bit more challenging to prepare than cream of wheat or regular oatmeal, they are worth it.

My recipe includes maple syrup and tart-dried cherries. Wow.

Honey and walnuts another day. Delicious.

Pictured above is a bowl filled with maple syrup, tart-dried cherries, and chopped walnuts.

There is no limit to what you can add to this. Fresh fruit, dried fruit, honey, jam, nuts, and syrup. These flavors compliment each other perfectly.

The oats can also be soaked overnight and then cooked in 5-10 minutes the next day. You can enjoy this delicious and nutritious breakfast any day of the week!

My oats were cooked according to a recipe, using 4 cups of water for 1 cup of oats. They cooked the first time adequately in about 35 minutes, but there was too much liquid the second time. Therefore, I plan to start with 3 cups of water and then add more if necessary towards the end. Alternatively, you could cook them in all milk if you like, or cook them in water and add milk at the end.

I have tried to be artsy here.

My dad can design (and draw Fred Flinstone in 2 minutes flat, my sister and I would constantly ask him to do that for us as kids). Also, my sister is a talented photographer, and I didn’t inherit that gene. I do my best, though.

A directive from me: Eat some steel-cut oats.

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