Coconut Dacquoise Fail

This house tends to breed aggression and confrontation on Sunday nights. While the intelligent part of the human population spends their weekends actively accomplishing things, we prefer to go on a * 40-hour journey of listlessness. There are times when sloth can encourage divine wrath to smite us rightfully. Consequently, there is always so much… Continue reading Coconut Dacquoise Fail

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Cole Slaw

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered real barbecue. On my first trip to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, I had my first true pork barbecue sandwich. In all honesty, I wasn’t that impressed. The sauce was ridiculously vinegary. BBQ sauce should be sweet and tangy, but whatever I had was too sweet… Continue reading BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Cole Slaw

A Parisian Style Puff Pastry

Bacon and puff pastry share a lot in common. Adding bacon or puff pastry to the cloth of whatever you are making will automatically make it ten times better. Fact, not opinion. 😛 The flaky, buttery goodness of this tart cannot be overstated. Apples, butter, brown sugar, puff pastry (I added some cinnamon at the… Continue reading A Parisian Style Puff Pastry

A New Staple Dish

I’m done with you, Cream of Wheat. Beautiful Farina Boy with hair I want to wrestle; I am leaving you for another. Get out of my life, creepy Quaker Oat Guy. Steel-cut oats are my favorite now. Simply put, steel-cut oats are the top-notch, first-class, blue-chip boss of the crop. I have been reading a… Continue reading A New Staple Dish