Bread with a Hint of Strawberry

This week’s recipe was mango bread and was chosen by Kelly. I was going to be a trooper and make this mango bread. Then I thought to myself, just change out the mango for some strawberry. Yes, you are a genius. You have been wanting to make strawberry bread and now is your chance.

So I read through the recipe and the questions to see if I would just be able to make the fruit switch or if I would have to make some other changes as well. Whilst reading through the recipe I saw that this was something of a spiced cake/bread, which is also not a favorite in our house. I don’t really enjoy ginger in my baked goods, and this was being compared to the chocolate gingerbread cake with some saying that the ginger was a bit overwhelming. Friends, I was getting turned off this cake by the minute. I decided that I would just omit the ginger totally, and everything would be fine.

Warning, Warning, Warning!

I’m telling you now! If you are on a diet, trying to lose weight, or diabetic please do not continue! Do not look at these tantalizing, scrumptious photo’s of the most delicious bread you have ever tasted! Filled with fresh strawberries, creamy mascarpone cheese and butter. Added to that, is sweetened condensed milk… all topped with a white chocolate truffle icing enriched with whipping cream and tasty morsels of white chocolate. Guaranteed to help you gain at least 10 pounds!

Okay, I’m listening.

Before I even read through the end of the recipe, I knew I was going to be abandoning the mango bread. I couldn’t resist, especially since I have been secretly obsessed with marscapone cheese since last week’s tiramisu cupcakes.

I had to laugh at myself for deciding to make this fat laden recipe on a week where the recipe was actually not horrendously fattening. However, I was planning on giving this away as a gift, so I had to make sure that it was extra delicious. And it was, extra delicious.

I halved the recipe and made 1 large loaf to give away and 1 mini loaf so I would have something to try and to photograph. The only thing I did not halve was the strawberries, the more the merrier was my thought. I also skipped out on the white chocolate truffle icing and made a lemon glaze for the large loaf instead. We ate the mini loaf naked of any icing or glaze.

This bread was sweet, moist, a little bit cinnamony and a lot a bit strawberrilicous. Most of the berries in my mini loaf sank to the bottom. I wish I could have seen a cross section of the large loaf to see how the berries fared there. My only issue with the bread was that my mini loaf overflowed while in the oven. Luckily my large loaf did not, but only because I diverted some batter out for my little guy. So if you do make this be wary of filling up the whole pan and be sure to put a baking sheet underneath. I caught that rogue batter literally seconds before it committed oven suicide off the side of my loaf pan.

Bottom line: This bread means business. It is awesome. You should make it soon.