Authentic Italian Bruschetta Recipe

Since the 15th century, bruschetta has existed. Of course, it comes from central Italy. The word bruschetta derives from the Roman dialect brucare, which means “to roast over coals.” (Thanks to Wikipedia). Many people assume that bruschetta refers to the delicious topping on this Italian snack, but it refers to the grilled bread. I believe… Continue reading Authentic Italian Bruschetta Recipe

My Secret Focaccia Addiction

Usually, my husband posts about our adventures in bread baking on this blog, and the science behind bread baking are much clearer to him. Nevertheless, we made this focaccia together, and somehow I was tasked to write a post about it. Focaccia bread, to me, is a thick, soft, herby, nutty bread with a light… Continue reading My Secret Focaccia Addiction

Butter Drop Biscuits

Hello, blogosphere. It’s me again. How are you? No. It’s OK; I’m used to talking to myself. I love biscuits with a capital L. Let’s face it, who does not enjoy biscuits? My trust in you is based on your love of biscuits. Definitely. “America’s Test Kitchen The TV Companion Cookbook 2009” provides the recipe… Continue reading Butter Drop Biscuits

Homemade Hamburger or Sandiwch Rolls Recipe

The benefits of homemade sandwich rolls do not require me to wax poetic, so I won’t. Let’s say that a good sandwich is better with a fresh roll, which you already know. These rolls were terrific for pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches. The recipe is from King Arthur Flour. I didn’t alter the ingredients, but I… Continue reading Homemade Hamburger or Sandiwch Rolls Recipe

Homemade English Muffins

Once you have a homemade English muffins you will never want to have a store bought one again. Luckily, English muffins are super easy to make, so this should not present too much of a problem. I have seen many recipes out there for English muffins. You can find his recipe here, along with a… Continue reading Homemade English Muffins

A Special Matzah Recipe

Matzah what? If you are not Jewish and you don’t have Jewish friends, then you probably have no idea what in the world matzah brei is. If you are Jewish, particularly an American Jew, then you know that matzah brei is actually quite tasty for Passover fare. Though, I don’t really know any Jews who… Continue reading A Special Matzah Recipe

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