A Tale of Competition

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the new blog! Thankfully, the planets aligned in such a way yesterday that our little blog got a free advert on a popular blog. and now I’m watching the referrer clicks piling in. It is in this spirit that I have decided to announce this morning a new facet, and hopefully a line of successful posts, comparing three culinary giants.

As his reputation precedes him everywhere he goes, I will forgo wasting any of your time recounting his culinary aptitude and greatness for fear it would overshadow the other contestants. For those of you who otherwise would not know, he is arguably the greatest American chef of our time. While he is not directly responsible for all of the pastry related writings in his books, I will take on his authority the work of his dessert staff to be of a quality consistent with his cooking. Person is a French born pastry extraordinaire who apprenticed under another well known chef. He owns boutique p√Ętisserie shops in Paris and Japan and has made countless contributions to the modern pastry arts.

How, you say, would one go about objectively comparing the merits of all three? Even with a boundless amount of time and an unlimited budget it would be next to impossible – though for the first installment we will make brioche to their specifications and then using my highly refined and unbiased palate I will declare a winner. Fortunately for me I have a direct line to both them (think red phone to the Kremlin), so I may be able to receive some assistance with their recipes. When it comes to the elusive other blog, I’ll have to rely on his posts (and process photos) alone.

This is a huge undertaking, one I am willing to carry the burden of for the pleasure of the readership at large. Wish me luck and stay tuned to find out who is indeed, the better brioche man.

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