Working with Veal Breast

Chances are you’ve never seen a veal breast. I know I hadn’t up until recently, when my local supermarket found itself with some mistakenly ordered whole veal sides. A veal breast is the same cut of the cow as a brisket. Since the veal is so much younger, it hasn’t had the time to develop… Continue reading Working with Veal Breast

My Passover Meal

I was away until Sunday night and had to work late on Monday, no time for extraneous baking. Instead, I thought I would share some photos from my Passover Seder with my family. We only had Seder one night, but it was quite a feast. Above is my family’s Seder plate. If you are unfamiliar… Continue reading My Passover Meal

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Cornish Hen Recipe

Are you bored with chicken? It was my boredom with roasting chickens and an excellent episode of “Good Eats” that got me thinking about making some Cornish game hens. Are you asking yourself, what is a Cornish game hen? Well, you’re in luck. A Cornish game hen is not Cornish, nor is it game. It… Continue reading Cornish Hen Recipe

Greek Stuffed Peppers

This was a great choice and something that I would have probably not chosen to make myself. These peppers are stuffed with lean ground beef, onions, zucchini, spinach, and bulgur and then sprinkled with salty feta cheese. I know many of my fellow bloggers substituted out the beef for a leaner white meat, which I… Continue reading Greek Stuffed Peppers

Easy Veal Osso Buco

Veal osso buco, is an all time classic dish, and one of my favorites and the recipe couldn’t be simpler. The completed dish contains so many different flavors and textures within the meat, that you’d think you were eating three different meals all at once. In what other preparation do you get a wonderfully flavored… Continue reading Easy Veal Osso Buco

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Smoking Your Bacon

We like bacon around here. In fact, who doesn’t like bacon? Chances are, you have bacon in your fridge right now – store-bought bacon. It’s packaged in clear plastic so that every time you open your fridge you have to look at it and think, “hmm, I could use some bacon crumbles in this salad.”… Continue reading Smoking Your Bacon

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Steak and Potatoes

As he said in our first Sunday Dinner offer the non-professional cook the ability to take time otherwise not available during the week for intricate preparations. For this Sunday meal I refrained from serving an ego-maniacal overly complicated and fussy dish. Instead we got the value-add out of the dinner by splurging on an absolutely… Continue reading Steak and Potatoes

Sesame Chicken Teriyaki

I used a whole chicken instead of all thighs. We did the whole chicken because hubby does not eat dark meat. I love a good chicken teriyaki so I was looking forward to making this. Let’s start with the sauce. It had a lovely Asian flavor and aroma. I doubled the sauce so I would… Continue reading Sesame Chicken Teriyaki