Bacon Infused Ciabatta

Something about that wide open crumb structure set my bread-loving taste buds aflame with exultation. I recently purchased: Earlier this week we posted about our house cured and smoked bacon, which got me thinking… Doesn’t Zen offer a bacon and potato ciabatta-like loaf as a part of their bread selection? Yes, yes they do, and… Continue reading Bacon Infused Ciabatta

Smoking Your Bacon

We like bacon around here. In fact, who doesn’t like bacon? Chances are, you have bacon in your fridge right now – store-bought bacon. It’s packaged in clear plastic so that every time you open your fridge you have to look at it and think, “hmm, I could use some bacon crumbles in this salad.”… Continue reading Smoking Your Bacon

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The Trick for Bacon Bits

I love bacon – in almost all its forms – and sprinkling some fresh bits on top of a twice baked potato or into a garden salad is an effective way to spruce up an otherwise banal dish. There is no question that fresh bacon bits are significantly better than the shelf stable junk that… Continue reading The Trick for Bacon Bits