Sesame Chicken Teriyaki

I used a whole chicken instead of all thighs. We did the whole chicken because hubby does not eat dark meat. I love a good chicken teriyaki so I was looking forward to making this.

Let’s start with the sauce. It had a lovely Asian flavor and aroma. I doubled the sauce so I would have extra to baste with while the chicken was cooking. I was a little disappointed that this was not more of a thick traditional teriyaki sauce (when I think teriyaki I think Benihana’s thick gooey teriyaki sauce). I tried to reduce some of my extra sauce to make a thicker finishing sauce, but that was a total fail. It turned into sticky grossness. I think I could have pulled out a cavity with the stuff.

Now onto the cooking. I have to say that I was not brave enough to follow the cooking instructions that the recipe gives. After reading that you cook the thighs for 8 minutes on each side under the broiler, I thought that it would be a recipe for burnt uncooked chicken. Especially since I was using various cuts of chicken.

Instead, I cooked the chicken in a 400F oven until their internal temperature was about 160-165F, probably about 30 minutes. I took the breasts out first of course and let them rest while the dark meat finished cooking. Then I brushed some of the reserved sauce on all the meat and put it under the broiler for about 8 minutes.

This turned out really well. The chicken was cooked through and still moist (even the boneless breasts were moist). Putting it under the broiler was great because it gave the chicken an appetizing color and created somewhat of a skin on the skinless chicken. It reminded me of the BBQ chicken we grill in the summer. I love to broil things, the broiler has become my new best friend lately.

This took longer than I would have liked because the chicken had to marinate for 30 minutes. I should have read the recipe beforehand and marinated the chicken overnight. I screw myself like this every now and then.

No sesame seeds included here because we were hungry, and I forgot about them. It was enough that we had to wait to eat while I took a picture (a bad picture albeit).

All in all this was a successful recipe for me and I will make this again.

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