Mexican, Healthy Style Pizza

My blogging and life, in general, have been in a funk lately. I am doing things that I do not enjoy (such as soul-sucking work), and quite frankly, it is depressing, and it prevents me from doing much else when I am free.

It has been a while since I posted much here or even read many blogs, and my boys don’t pick up the slack. Remember them?

Last week, while on vacation, I baked six loaves of challah, among other things. That will be my next post.

I am sorry for not posting a lot on everyone’s posts and being a bit of a deadbeat leader. Each week, my husband and I have been cooking along with our most enthusiastic girl, Jasmine. Jasmine, ever the vegetarian, chose Mexican Black Bean Pizza.

The recipe is essentially a black bean dip spread on a tortilla, topped with tomatoes and cabbage, and baked for a few minutes. It was pretty tasty. Homemade bean dip is a keeper. His “pizza” was more enjoyable than mine, but that may also have been because he had cheese on it. Like a good girl, I followed the recipe to the letter. I only changed one thing: I used canned whole tomatoes instead of fresh ones.

This was a quick meal I made on Monday night since I made the bean dip the day before. I had to leave for an 8 pm meeting at 7:30 pm after getting home from work at 5 pm on a Monday. Gross.