Food Shortage

Bad news: In these tough economic times, even the lambs are lean!

I just found out that our annual lamb purchase from my local butcher will be delayed until May. They informed me that they want the animals to get some “good spring grass” in them before they are taken to slaughter. While the delay is disappointing, as I salivate just thinking about their lamb, it’s good to see a small producer looking out for the best interest of their customers and animals.

Consequently, I found them through a college search service. You can find it here. I’m originally from their area and travel through the state often. If you live in or near anywhere here you can use the service to search for just about any kind of agriculture related products or businesses your heart desires – including farms that sell their products direct to consumers.

If you decide to make an inquiry to any of these producers (or any farmers for that matter, at least in my experience) do not expect lightening fast responses to emails or phone calls – these people have real jobs that require actual work that doesn’t allow for reading food blogs and checking emails all day!