Super Lemon Lemon Tart

Being a lemon dessert lover, this was an awesome pick in my opinion. In fact, I had already made this tart and posted about it here. I really loved the filling the first time, so I was excited to make it again. This time I wanted to try to make it into lemon bars instead of a tart. This proved to be successful, and I studded the bars with fresh blueberries after it had cooled. This gave a nice burst of sweetness amid the tarty lemon filling.

My filling was actually a little too bitter this time, I think my lemons must have had more pith than the ones I used before. I am sure my fellow bakers came up with some great ideas on how to reduce the bitterness. I will be on the look out for tips for next time. The only change I made to the recipe was that I used evaporated milk instead of heavy cream in the filling because I did not have any cream in the fridge. Perhaps the richness of the cream would have helped cut some of the bitter taste (or not, because I totally just made that up). However, I still loved these and will definitely make them again. The filling is so thick and luxurious and bursts with gorgeous bright lemon flavor. I would be interested in making this filling with other citrus, maybe a grapefruit next time.

I have said before that we do not enjoy shortbread crusts, so I made a Pasta Frolla. If you are not a shortbread lover, this is a great alternative for your tart crusts. It seems to stay more tender even after the long baking times and we enjoy the texture over a shortbread.

Overall, this tart is a winner. I can’t wait to see what my fellow bakers thought about it.

That’s about all I could muster up tonight. It’s 11:30 PM and I am writing this through tired bleary eyes. I’m out.