Satisfying Corn and Pepper Muffins

Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins. I do love her blog but I was disappointed with these muffins. After looking over the ingredients, I knew before I made them that I was probably not going to like them. I generally do not enjoy spicy foods. This dish is not something that I would chose to make of my own volition. I substituted the cilantro with parsley, because I hate cilantro. Hate is actually not strong enough a word, I despise cilantro like a sworn enemy. In fact, I belong to an I Hate Cilantro blog. I also added in the zest of a lime, which was definitely noticeable in the muffins and added a nice freshness (thanks for the suggestion, Honey!).

These muffins were not as spicy as I thought they were going to be, which was a plus, though I was still not thrilled with them. However, this recipe did make me revisit the muffin section and I am inspired to try some of her other muffins – so it wasn’t a complete fail!.

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