Recipe for Chunky Chewy Blondies

Did you know? I’m not a fan of blondies. I don’t understand why.

Is that odd?

I don’t mind them, but I could do without a blondie. My favorite brownies, however, are their chocolatey cousins.

I made these blondies on a whim a few weekends ago. My husband had asked for them, and I was bored.

I liked them. Buttery and chewy, with a lot of chunky additions. Great with a cold glass of milk.

The reason why I wouldn’t say I like blondies is this. I didn’t pick at them or eat one every time I walked past the Tupperware for several days before they went into hubby’s office to be eaten by vultures. Overall, I ate only one, and a half blonde kept them for DAYS. DAYS and that is unheard of. When it comes to buttery desserts, I have no willpower.

However, this has nothing to do with this recipe. They got great reviews from his coworkers, and my husband liked it a lot. These are worth a try if you’re a fan of blondies or chewy cookie bars.

As you can see in the book, I followed the recipe fairly closely.

I made only substituting white chocolate chunks and tart dried cherries for bittersweet chocolate and butterscotch chips/bits. That’s what I had on hand, and there is also shredded sweetened coconut and chopped walnuts.

The batter was very thick.

Similar to cookie dough.

The cookies could be baked like drop cookies if you wish.

I also don’t care about eating or baking cookies in general, whether I believe it or not. This may be why I was not as excited about these blondies as well. Blondies are thick cookies in bar form.