Pumpkin Pie Muffin Recipe

On Halloween, the Irish carved turnips into jack-o-lanterns instead of pumpkins. This was something I heard on the History channel.

My least favorite ingredient is pumpkin. It’s not that I dislike it; it’s just that I don’t love it. However, I have been experimenting more with pumpkin lately, and this made me eager to make these muffins. Nevertheless, I am always interested in trying new muffin recipes. It is a fairly basic recipe for low-fat muffins. The fats in this recipe are canola oil, eggs, and low-fat buttermilk. The muffin has a very similar taste to spice cake with a hint of pumpkin.

This recipe was altered a little bit and can be found here.

The flour I used was 100% all-purpose.
Since some people said these were bland, I added 50% more spices
Since I only had two tablespoons of molasses left, I used that
Since I did not want to buy pumpkin seeds just for this, I left them out
To the batter, I added a handful of ground flax seed
These muffins were delicious. I haven’t been disappointed by a muffin recipe yet. Cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg added a nice flavor to the muffin, though I think the amounts could be adjusted to improve the taste. I also liked that it was moist and didn’t have that gummy, dense texture that some low-fat muffins tend to have.

In my opinion, some golden raisins in the muffin would be good, and I will try that next time. As for carrots’ idea of substituting maple syrup for molasses, I liked it. Also, I may try substituting another cup of pumpkin for one of the eggs. This would make it healthier, and I would use up a whole small can of pumpkin instead of only half.

In conclusion, these muffins were excellent; I’ll definitely make them again and experiment with different flavors.