The Perfect Baked Brownie

This is undoubtedly a good bandwagon to jump on, although I believe I am the last to jump on it. The famed Baked brownie has been made by many bloggers, even one that topped the Brownie with thinly sliced bacon. Baked is a renowned Brooklyn bakery famous for its incredible brownie recipe, among many other… Continue reading The Perfect Baked Brownie

Homemade Hamburger or Sandiwch Rolls Recipe

The benefits of homemade sandwich rolls do not require me to wax poetic, so I won’t. Let’s say that a good sandwich is better with a fresh roll, which you already know. These rolls were terrific for pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches. The recipe is from King Arthur Flour. I didn’t alter the ingredients, but I… Continue reading Homemade Hamburger or Sandiwch Rolls Recipe

Coconut Dacquoise Fail

This house tends to breed aggression and confrontation on Sunday nights. While the intelligent part of the human population spends their weekends actively accomplishing things, we prefer to go on a * 40-hour journey of listlessness. There are times when sloth can encourage divine wrath to smite us rightfully. Consequently, there is always so much… Continue reading Coconut Dacquoise Fail