Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

These cinnamon rolls were made during our recent battle brioche that my husband has been posting about this week. How do you have brioche dough in the house and not make some cinnamon rolls or sticky buns? The answer is you don’t.

I used the winning brioche dough. However, I made the rolls following the instructions of our second runner up and bread aficionado. Basically I rolled the dough out and loaded it up with cinnamon and brown sugar. This dough already had so much butter in it, that I could not bring myself to add anymore.

Hubby rolled it up nice and tight. Gee, where did you acquire these magnificent rolling skills? 😉 Then I cut it using the dental floss method. You basically use the dental floss instead of a knife, which provides an easy and clean cut. A link to the tutorial on this method is at the end of this post.

These guys were tiny because I was just using up the rest of the brioche that we had, so I did not have a full recipe.

However, this dough certainly proofs nicely. So they did end up to be fairly good sized rolls.

I overcooked these a bit by accident because they were smaller than normal. This is also not the best picture, clearly, but they were really good. If you have not made fresh cinnamon rolls or sticky buns with real brioche, I highly suggest you find some time soon to do so.

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