Healthy Cobb Salad

Salads aren’t my favorite food unless they are terrible for you. A perfect example: I like the Caesar salad at my local restaurant, as well as the BBQ steak salad. I used to eat cobb salad regularly at a restaurant called Chadsmiths, though.

Over the weekend, I was pleased to try out this lightened-up version. I decided to prepare this as a light lunch since my husband was out of town. Rather than baking some breasts, I picked up a rotisserie chicken from the store. Aside from the blue cheese (YUCK! ), the tomatoes (ALSO YUCK! ), and the hard-boiled egg (YUM, but I was lazy), I also left out the tomatoes. Because I was leaving out the cheese and the egg, I thought I could use bacon instead of ham. I couldn’t believe it when Whole Foods ran out of romaine hearts at 11 AM on Saturday! As a result, I ended up buying romaine hearts in a bag, which were not as good as regular romaine hearts. The salad was delicious, though it wasn’t quite a Cobb Salad. Even though the dressing had a 1:1 ratio of oil to acid instead of the standard 2:1 ratio, it was pretty good.

The cobb salad was excellent, and I plan to make it again when I can get some good romaine and hard boil the egg before serving it. My laziness led me to toss everything in a bowl, and the photo looks like a bowl of lettuce because of my laziness. However, there are other good things in there that ended up in my stomach as well.