Corn Muffins v2

Now that that’s out of the way, let me start out by saying that I actually do like corn muffins and corn bread, I like them a lot in fact. I will almost always go for the corn bread first in a restaurant bread basket. Even though I did not enjoy the Savory Corn Muffins from last recipe it did put me in the mood for corn bread.

So when I decided on some Chicken Chili the other night, I decided to make the other corn muffin recipe, Corniest Corn Muffins. I have made these corn muffins before. They were actually one of the first recipes I tried from this book.

I made mini corn muffins and they were scrumptious. They were, of course, also a wonderful accompaniment to the Chicken Chili. This is a great quick chili recipe by the way. I have never tried it with the addition of the soy sauce, though I will admit that I am curious about this flavor combination. Perhaps one day I will throw caution to the wind and add a few splashes. This chili made its way into the weeknight dinner rotation in our house and is always satisfying. Thanks for the great recipe! :p

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