Chicken Cacciatore with Green Beens

When it first came out and I am a fan of her healthy recipes because they refrain from using ‘fake’ ingredients – I don’t care for recipes that are ‘low fat’ or ‘healthy’ because they use artificial fat substitutes and/or overly processed ingredients. I belive the latter just can’t be healthy even if it may help to lose or keep off weight. I rather use a little less real Parmigiano cheese than a lot of the reduced fat canned stuff (that stuff is gross, no offense if that is what you use – but you should really consider buying a block of the real stuff).

Anyway, this week was Chicken Cacciatore. Hubby and I both liked this dish. It was easy and fairly quick to make, and it was filling, which are two things that I like in a weeknight dinner. I really enjoy chicken dishes like this because the braised bone-in breast always comes out so juicy and tender, which is not what you always get when you are dealing with chicken breasts. I made the full recipe and froze half since she said this freezes well. For a side dish I made Green Beans with Mushrooms and Shallots. They were also very tasty, but what I really wanted was some rice. Something starchy to soak up the delicious sauce. Fortunately I had made some soft pretzels that day, so we ate one with dinner and that helped fulfill my habitual need for carbs. I think when I heat up the frozen leftovers I will cook up some brown rice to go with it.

Here are my green beans and mushrooms:

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