Cherry Almond Chocolate Biscotti

There would be no carrot, green apple, and mint salad here if you came here expecting to find it. Despite this week’s recipe being selected by one of my favorite bloggers, who also happens to live in the same city like me, this salad wasn’t our cup of tea. Thank you! By the way, Jennifer, if you see me, don’t beat me up, but do bring me some of your tasty-looking baked goods, ribbons, and all!

It’s been a while since I’ve baked, so I did a rewind this week and made biscotti. Biscotti are Italian cookies in the form of logs baked once, sliced, and then baked once more to dry them out. The longer the slice is baked the second time, the more complex the cookies will be. They are the perfect companion to hot coffee.

It was easy to make these. I like how stiff and stickily the dough is. My only issue was that they were still raw in the middle after the first bake of 25 minutes. The second time I baked them, I had to bake them longer since I did not realize this until I sliced them. It didn’t work out the way I expected it to, but it ended up being fine in the end.

All in all, these biscotti were pretty good, and they tasted even better after sitting for a day. The chocolate, cherries, and almonds combo is always delicious, and I love that they weren’t rock hard. To get more almond flavor, I would add more cherries, decrease the chocolate, and add almond extract.

Although I don’t know how many calories and fat are in a typical biscotti, these babies have 10 grams of fat and 230 calories. Although they aren’t precisely guilt-free (at least not in my opinion), they aren’t precisely diet busters either. These cookies are made with half whole wheat pastry flour, so the calories aren’t empty.

The recipe for these cookies can be found here.

My journal is below. According to my measurement, this is 10 x 3, so I don’t think my underdoneness had anything to do with its size. As you can see, it is packed full of delicious goodness:

Here’s what it looks like right out of the oven:

Biscotti is semi-raw. My cake tester tested them this time after another 25 minutes of baking!