A New Staple Dish

I’m done with you, Cream of Wheat. Beautiful Farina Boy with hair I want to wrestle; I am leaving you for another. Get out of my life, creepy Quaker Oat Guy. Steel-cut oats are my favorite now. Simply put, steel-cut oats are the top-notch, first-class, blue-chip boss of the crop. I have been reading a… Continue reading A New Staple Dish

How to Make a Proper Danish

I am by no means an expert on laminated dough. I have failed previously in feeble attempts to make puff pastry and croissants. Sometimes to the extent that I deserved to be beaten repeatedly with soap bound in a bath towel. The reason I say this is because every joe-blow showoff with a food blog… Continue reading How to Make a Proper Danish

Peach French Toast

It is a great healthy breakfast that I like to make on the weekends. There is no way it could ever take the place of some buttery crispy pan fried French toast, but it is definitely tasty and still hits the spot for a sweet and satisfying breakfast. Baked Peach French ToastYields: 2 hearty servings… Continue reading Peach French Toast