Basil Rockfish Recipe

Well, I had every intention of making this. I went to my fish monger on Monday night to get some salmon, and of course, they were out. :no: Unfortunately, the only time I had to make this was Tuesday night so I had to get something to make for dinner. I ended up getting some rockfish instead. I had been planning to eat the salmon with some pesto & pasta. So I figured I would just rub the rockfish with the pesto as well and broil it.

So basically the only similarity between what I made and what the recipe was this week is the fish. Sorry, I have actually made salmon with a similar spice rub before, so I know that this was tasty. I will have to do a make up at some point to try her take on this.

My basil rockfish turned out to be a quick and delicious dinner that we ate before embarking on our 5 hour drive to New York to visit my family. I made this basil pesto from Emeril Lagasse, rubbed a bit of it on the fish, then broiled it until it was cooked through. And how cute are those little honeycomb pasta’s? I love them.