Lemon Curd Gelato Recipe

Meyer lemon season is upon us. A Meyer lemon is a hybrid of a lemon and a Mandarin orange or a sweet orange (Wikipedia entry). They were originally imported from China in the early 1900’s and were given the name Meyer lemon after agricultural explorer Fred Meyer, an employee of the USDA who first introduced… Continue reading Lemon Curd Gelato Recipe

Food Shortage

Bad news: In these tough economic times, even the lambs are lean! I just found out that our annual lamb purchase from my local butcher will be delayed until May. They informed me that they want the animals to get some “good spring grass” in them before they are taken to slaughter. While the delay… Continue reading Food Shortage

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A Trick about Bread

Bread doughs develop plenty of gluten if properly kneaded and in appropriate flour to water ratios. Missing the additional water from a dry(er) butter will do little to no damage whatsoever. While the additional butterfat will coat some of the flour molecules and prevent them from stringing together, the difference will be modest at most.… Continue reading A Trick about Bread

Rules for Meat

Many of my posts are going to revolve around one topic: the purchase, preparation and consumption of meat. To save myself the hassle of re-typing the same things over and over again in every post, I thought it prudent to jot down some simple rules for buying and preparing meat. If you’re a protein enthusiast… Continue reading Rules for Meat

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The Popularity of Magnolia

For those of you who are not familiar with Magnolia Bakery, it is a well known bakery in New York City and they are famous for their yummy pastel frosted cupcakes. I believe they are credited with starting the “cupcake craze” of the 1990’s. I had a hankering for cake after watching Paula Deen make… Continue reading The Popularity of Magnolia

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A Tale of Competition

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the new blog! Thankfully, the planets aligned in such a way yesterday that our little blog got a free advert on a popular blog. and now I’m watching the referrer clicks piling in. It is in this spirit that I have decided to announce this… Continue reading A Tale of Competition

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A French Tart Idea

Not only is this my first Tuesdays with me post, but this is the first post ever on our blog. Yay! This week Tuesdays with me was chosen by Jessica herself, and she chose the French Pear Tart. This tart came out pretty tasty and it was fun to make. My whole family enjoyed it,… Continue reading A French Tart Idea