Healthier Onion Rings Recipe

Whenever I am cooking anything, I can always count on Geoff to ask one of the two following questions “You’re cooking that in bacon fat, right?” or “Where is the pie?” That pretty much sums up the boys’ cooking philosophy. But then again, who doesn’t love pork fat and butter fat? I sure do. I… Continue reading Healthier Onion Rings Recipe

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The Trick for Bacon Bits

I love bacon – in almost all its forms – and sprinkling some fresh bits on top of a twice baked potato or into a garden salad is an effective way to spruce up an otherwise banal dish. There is no question that fresh bacon bits are significantly better than the shelf stable junk that… Continue reading The Trick for Bacon Bits

Corn Muffins v2

Now that that’s out of the way, let me start out by saying that I actually do like corn muffins and corn bread, I like them a lot in fact. I will almost always go for the corn bread first in a restaurant bread basket. Even though I did not enjoy the Savory Corn Muffins… Continue reading Corn Muffins v2

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Grandma’s Brisket Recipe

Behold, one of my greatest comfort foods. Who doesn’t love a hunk of red meat braised for hours in a mixture of tomato products and onions? Well, I guess there are a lot of people who don’t, but if you don’t eat meat this is probably not the blog for you. All you need to… Continue reading Grandma’s Brisket Recipe

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Getting Deep with Brisket

Since this is our first post of this series, we thought we would make things simple and start at the front of a cattle- hence, the brisket. Most of us have encountered brisket in one form of another – usually at the deli counter (as corned beef) or from the pit of our favorite BBQ… Continue reading Getting Deep with Brisket

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Lemon Curd Gelato Recipe

Meyer lemon season is upon us. A Meyer lemon is a hybrid of a lemon and a Mandarin orange or a sweet orange (Wikipedia entry). They were originally imported from China in the early 1900’s and were given the name Meyer lemon after agricultural explorer Fred Meyer, an employee of the USDA who first introduced… Continue reading Lemon Curd Gelato Recipe