A Fail at Pie Dough

Last night, I attempted to make this. Clearly, something went awry. It turned out to be a big mess.

Okay, so I just wrote that paragraph and went off to find my link to the ever trustworthy recipe on Recipes. I stopped off at a few other search results along the way to see what other bloggers had written. After reading other recipes and rereading the recipe, I can’t be 100% sure, but I am pretty certain I remember adding 1/2 CUP of sugar to this dough instead of the 1 1/2 TEASPOONS of sugar the recipe called for. Oops. A 1/2 cup of sugar is 24 teaspoons. That might make a difference, huh? I am a non attention paying dummy. I am embarrassed for myself.

This dough was pretty much a nightmare from the minute I started to roll it out. It quickly got really soft and sticky and was tearing in the middle as I was rolling. It took multiple trips back to the fridge to re-chill before I could even get it to the diameter of the dish. It was just really difficult to work with and the whole nonsense was really annoying me.

Nick predicted my failure when he said my pie was going to be ruined because “I wasn’t making it with love”. I may not have been in the best of moods last night to begin with.:crazy: Little did we both know that I was in fact ruining the dough with my absent minded overdose of sugar!

As you can see from the picture, this dough sank and cracked while cooking, and was basically a buttery mush when it came out of the oven. And to top it all off, I spilled my baking beans into the dish while I was removing them and they got stuck in the sticky mushy dough.

It is worth noting that the cooked parts of this dough were absolutely delicious. Most of those missing edges are not part of the fail, but me eating the dough.

This is actually my second baking fail this week. I ruined a batch of berry muffins because I did not cook them through, even though my cake tester came out clean. Grrr.

If you are my husband and you want to bust my balls, then you say that I actually had 3 baking fails this week when I baked 2 identical pita doughs and one puffed up like it was having an allergic reaction to shellfish and the other one was totally normal. I mean, really, come on pita bread. What is up with that?

Feel free to point and laugh in the comment section today. To quote Jon Lovitz in Little Nicky (being chased by a large horny bird) – “I deserve this.”