A Brownie Tribute

The brownies are a tribute to Audrey Hepburn. There is nothing better than them. I love these brownies because they are rich and chocolaty, moist, fudgy, and just a bit gooey. Almost no flour is used, and there is no rising agent, so they are thin and dense. The calories and fat are worth it. :yes:

My brownies made with pecans turned out to be a real hit. Usually, I don’t like nuts in my brownies, but here they worked well. Amid the soft, moist chocolate, they added a bit of crunch. I also enjoyed the coffee (I used instant espresso granules) and the cinnamon flavors that the recipe included. Both were pleasantly noticeable, but neither was overpowering.

It took me about 31 minutes to bake these in a glass pyrex square pan at 325F without any doneness issues. Glass pans are known to decrease oven temperatures by 25 degrees when used in baking. Since I had a pizza stone in the oven when baking these, I suspect that they cooked more quickly and didn’t suffer from overcooked edges and raw centers.

After letting these guys cool for about an hour, I started cutting them, but they were still too soft to cut. That chocolate looks so delicious:

To avoid damaging them in the cutting process, I put them in the refrigerator overnight. After dinner, I tried a piece after letting it sit at room temperature for the day before cutting it while it was still cold. These are best served at room temperature, as the recipe suggests.

I loved these so much. While eating, I tend to laugh in joy and giddiness when things are good. Eating my brownie certainly made me giggle. We will remove them from the premises tomorrow because they’re too good to stay in the house. It’s better for our coworkers to eat fat than us.

To summarize, if you like brownies and are looking for a great chocolate brownie recipe, you should try these right away. These are likely to replace my current favorite, triple chocolate brownies.